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The Tour de France is coming!

2018 promises to be an exciting summer for cycling fans in Bourg Saint Maurice during July – Le Tour is coming to town!

Be like Wheelie Man: Ride your mountain bike AND watch the Tour de France all at the same time:

*wheelie-ing whilst watching optional πŸ˜‰

Tuesday 18th July the riders come from Albertville through Beaufort and continue on up to La Rosiere. We’re already planning how to combine some brilliant singletrack riding with cheering on our favourite roadies (which one’s yours?!)!

We’ve got soo many choices, but currently we reckon heading over to La Thuile could be the one!

02Just over the border in Italy, La Thuile is part of the Espace St Bernardo area, and is linked to La Rosiere – that’s how close it is. The Tour stage ends in La Rosiere, so what a perfect excuse to head over for a healthy sample of trail goodness, before heading back across to watch the riders finish their day in La Rosiere. Italian loam, coffee and icecream AND the Tour de France? Oooh yes!

If you want to watch the Tour AND ride your mountain bike, this is the perfect opportunity. All you need to do is book a holiday with us for the week commencing Saturday 14 July 2018!

Read all about a week in Les Arcs with us here, or just jump straight in:

Book your trip now

Here’s the Tour profile for the day in question. We could just watch them pedal through Bourg Saint Maurice (at the bottom of Les Arcs), but that’s not half as fun as riding in La Thuile first! πŸ˜‰


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