Mountain Biking, Women's MTB

Let’s get LOOSE!

Is there really any other choice in this weather??

It’s perhaps day 6 of rain here in the Alps, and whilst I shouldn’t really complain, I’m going to. Only because on the flip-side of living in a fantastic outdoor playground, is the fact that when the playground gets all wet and slippery, there’s not much else to do.

Best then, to head out anyway and get loose!

It takes a significantly greater level of motivation to get out when it’s raining, or when it looks like it might rain, but we all know it’s always worth it once you’re out there. Even if only for the smugness of feeling like you’ve beaten the rain at its own game. I’m pleased to say that I have risen to the challenge several times in the last 6 days, and even smashed some PRs on the road-bike on Monday!

On Saturday I put together a little video on riding in the wet. You can check it out right here!


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