Mountain Biking

Roots, Bloody Roots!

Roots. The nemesis of any mountain biker from beginner to pro. So what’s the best way to tackle them?

I discuss a few different options in my recent video on how to ride roots. You can check it out here!

It really boils down to thinking about the options available to you. The easiest way to get over roots is to make sure your direction of travel is perpendicular to the roots. Trouble is, we all know roots don’t usually grow in perfect straight lines across the trail. So then what? Here are a few other options:

  1. Look for a line around them, or at leastย around most of them if you can’t avoid all of them.
  2. Can you hop or manual over them? Or at least over the worst of them.
  3. What if they’re everywhere, and there’s no avoiding them? Well, now you need to be looking for opportunities to brake – you could do this before the roots, or on a patch of dirt part way through them. The idea is to do most of your braking on the least rooty area because braking on the roots may cause you to lose traction and slip out, especially if it’s damp.

Next time you head out, why not find a rooty section and try out some of these ideas and see how you get on – after all, the best way to improve at anything is by practicing.

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