Coming to Les Arcs for your holidays this year? Perhaps you prefer to put your own holiday together, but you’d like to have a guide to take the guesswork out of route finding for a day or two? No problem!

Emily loves showing people new trails, and seeing them grinning after an epic descent or an amazing day out in the mountains is the best part of a guide’s job. As an ex-world cup downhill racer and a current Enduro World Series racer, she can guide you on all levels of trail from tech-gnar challenges to beautiful flowing ribbons of singletrack. Fully qualified under both the French and British guiding systems, with many years of guiding experience, with Emily you can be sure you’ll be in great hands.

In Resort

A guided day in resort using the chairlifts both in Les Arcs and La Plagne is a brilliant day out as there are just so many trails which are unsignposted, or just plain difficult to find. Our prices for 2017 are as follows:-

  • 1-4 people €180/day
  • 5 people €210/day
  • 6 people €230/day
  • 7 people €250/day

These prices do not include lift passes or any vehicular uplift.
The maximum group size is 7 people per guide.
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Fancy an Adventure?

Love a big day out? Like a bit of a pedal, and that feeling of being far from civilisation? Yeah, us too. This summer we’ll be offering some awesome big alpine days out. There’ll be an uplift to the trail head, some pedalling and sometimes some hike-a-bike to reach breath taking views and brilliant riding! We’ve created a little menu below so that you can choose which ride you’d like to go on.

Mont Jovet
Ascent: 500m/1.5-2h (including 20-30min hike-a-bike)
Descent: 1900m
Distance: 32km
Ability Level (see below): Intermediate
Undoubtedly the Les Arcs area classic, this is a great introduction to big mountain days out. Our trail begins at the highest point of the La Plagne ski resort, but we’ve still to gain around 500m on our bikes. However, a 1900m descent awaits! Highlights of this ride include magnificent views across to Courchevel and the Three Valleys, a superb alpine meadow traverse requiring no pedalling whatsoever, and singletrack flowing effortlessly through awesome loamy woodland. We’d strongly recommend this ride to anyone at intermediate level and above, it’s one of the best days out in the area. This ride finishes in Moutiers where we catch a train back to Bourg at the end of the day.

Leaf Drifter (aka Fred Flintstone)
Ascent: 1000m
Descent: 1800m
Distance: 33km
Ability Level (see below): Intermediate
This fantastic ride takes us right out of the Bourg/Les Arcs valley, and the varied riding is quite unlike what you’ll find in Les Arcs. With a brilliant slab rock section mid-way through the day, and the final descent of leafy driftiness, this is a ride not to be missed!

Darth Vader & Fire Engine
Ascent: 530m
Descent: 1350m
Distance: 25km
Ability Level (see below): Advanced/Expert (Intermediate option available)
This ride actually incorporates 3 different trails on the south facing side of the valley, opposite the ski resort area. Starting with some ascent, followed by a fantastic balcony trail traversing around the hillside, we eventually hit Darth Vader, a steep and techy descent to be treated with respect due to some fairly extreme exposure in places. An extremely satisfying trail if you manage to clean it all, we peel out halfway down to climb again up to one of the best descents in the valley, Fire Engine. A fantastically fast and flowy trail which stays in prime condition throughout the year, this is another must-ride. If you’re more of an Intermediate level rider, the techy Darth Vader can easily be bypassed with an ascending traverse which eventually drops us into the top of Fire Engine.

Ascent: 1000m in 4 mini climbs
Descent: 1300m
Distance: 40km
Ability Level (see below): Intermediate/Advanced
Heidi is another one of the area classics. Starting high up opposite the ski resort of Tignes, the scenery is stunning looking out across Lac du Chevril, especially on a day with some hanging clouds around for that extra atmospheric feel. There are a couple of decidedly stiff climbs in this ride, there’ll be high fives all round for the people strong enough and fit enough to conquer them! Naturally the singletrack descents make it worth all the effort and vary from alpine meadow, loamy woodland and a rocky final descent – this ride has a bit of everything!

Brown Trousers
Ascent: 600m (including approx 20 mins push)
Descent: 1400m
Distance: 40km
Ability Level (see below): Advanced/Expert
Starting in Plagne Bellecote, this ride is full of variety. Featuring two ridgeline trails (and some extremely distracting scenery!), a great ride across/up the La Plagne resort area hillside, followed by a piece of woodsy singletrack which just feels like it goes on and on and on (it’s quite normal to need to stop for a rest several times on this one!), even when you’ve done that bit you still have more descending to do. This time it’s a wonderful fast and flowy trail alongside a river that will leaving you wanting to go back and do it all over again. Depending on fitness levels and the Champagny lift (this only runs one day a week) there may also be an option to do an extra descent halfway through the day. This ride requires a single-passage lift pass for the Roche de Mio gondola (€5 in 2016) and finishes in Moutiers where we catch a train back to Bourg at the end of the day.

The Bec Rouge
Ascent: 750m (nearly all hike-a-bike/pushing)
Descent: 1550m
Distance: 28km
Ability Level (see below): Advanced/Expert
Emily is firmly of the belief that this descent is the best in the valley. 1500m of extreme variety, including some very technical rock sections, very very fast singletrack and switchbacks to die for, this is 100% worth the 750m hike-a-bike to reach the top. Not for the fainthearted, you’ll need to be ready to muster all your energy to get up to this one, but that is what keeps it so special.

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Ability Level

This is classified as follows:

  • Beginner: Little experience of singletracks. Maybe you have plenty of experience riding on wider paths off road but you rarely ride on narrow singletracks.
  • Intermediate: You usually ride singletrack but if it’s steep or rocky you might walk some sections. You probably enjoy the blue and red marked routes at a trail centre.
  • Advanced: You rarely walk sections, you enjoy the hardest routes at trail centres and seek out technical challenges. You’ve probably been biking in the Alps before.
  • Expert: You’re able to tackle technical sections with speed and commitment. For you it’s not just about riding a section, it’s about how much speed and flow you can carry.
  • Pro: You can ride literally everything! Riding is your job either racing, guiding or teaching.