Could the Queyras Regional Park be the home of the finest singletrack in the French Alps?! Come and find out! 

The Queyras Regional Park truly is the hidden gem of the French Alps. Not far from Grenoble, the whole area is incredible, both for the unforgettable scenery and the everlasting singletrack. We can’t wait to show you these fantastic trails!

If you’re seeking back country adventure, you’re looking in the right place. If it’s proper mountain biking that you’re after, this is it. Natural singletrack with an off-the-scale GrinFactor, 30+ minute descents, many MANY hi-fives, more variety than you can shake a stick at, yes, that’s what we’re talking about. Be warned though, you might have to earn a few of those turns.

“Earning turns?” we hear you ask, “Riding uphill you mean? Ooh… not too much – this is a holiday after all!” Well, fear not – we’re all about the descents too and whilst the climbing provides a great opportunity to take in the absolutely stunning views, we’ll make good use of the van and trailer each day to take the sting out of the climbs as much as we can. There will definitely be pedalling and there will sometimes be hike-a-bike, but we can promise you – it’s worth it.

We reckon that swooping through alpine meadows into lovely loamy forest goodness, finishing up with an ice-cream and locally brewed beer is pretty much Living The Dream. Come and live it with us for a week in September!

What’s included:

  • 7 nights half-board hotel accommodation (twin occupancy)
  • Packed lunches
  • 6 days of guided riding and minibus uplift
  • Airport transfers to and from Geneva airport, within our recommended times.

What’s not included:

  • Flights to and from Geneva airport
  • Holiday insurance
  • Any food/drinks you choose to purchase whilst out each day

Price: €1095


Please note that there are a maximum of 7 spaces available each week for this holiday week, so we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

In order to take advantage of our airport transfers, please choose a flight which will land in Geneva around 14:00 on your day of arrival, and a flight which will leave Geneva no earlier than 16:00 on your day of departure.

Ability & Fitness Level:

To really enjoy your holiday to the Queyras Regional Park, we’d recommend that you should be sitting at the high end of Intermediate level or above, as outlined in our handy guide below. All of the trails we ride are completely natural and may feature typical alpine challenges, such as switchbacks, rocky sections, some sections of exposed trail (i.e with a drop to one side) and some sections of steep descent.

Wherever we can, we’ll take the sting out of the ascent with a van uplift, but you’ll also need to be happy with up to 500-1000m of on-bike ascent each day as some trails cannot be reached by vehicles. Rest assured that we won’t spend hours climbing for a mediocre descent down the other side – it’ll always be worth the effort!

Ability levels are classified as follows:

  • Beginner: Little experience of singletracks. Maybe you have plenty of experience riding on wider paths off road but you rarely ride on narrow singletracks.
  • Intermediate: You usually ride singletrack but if it’s steep or rocky you might walk some sections. You probably enjoy the blue and red marked routes at a trail centre.
  • Advanced: You rarely walk sections, you enjoy the hardest routes at trail centres and seek out technical challenges. You’ve probably been biking in the Alps before.
  • Expert: You’re able to tackle technical sections with speed and commitment. For you it’s not just about riding a section, it’s about how much speed and flow you can carry.
  • Pro: You can ride literally everything! Riding is your job either racing, guiding or teaching.